200A-300A Peak HHO CCPWM 32bit Cortex processor 10-50V 200A CCPWM Constant Current Pulse Width Modulator for HHO generator Undestroyable & Waterproof

Use this controller for any heavy duty Hho generator, trolley, outboard, electric bicycle or more... 
Advantages of other motor controllers: 
  • True heavy load copper track can handle very high peak currents and 200A continuous current. 
  • Advanced PCB layout technique. 
  • High-speed 32bit Cortex processor. 
  • Connection with high current M5 screws. 
  • Built with  3.4mOhm ultra-low resistance MOSFETs 
  • Adjustable 4 operation modes: 1. normal potentiometer 2. magnetic hall throttle (with 0.5-4,5V output) 3. direct PWM input (0-95%) 4. RC PWM input 1,5ms +/-1ms 
  • 2 quadrant operation (drive CW and regenerative brake CW) 
  • Low warming and capable to accept heat sink. 
  • 20kHz switching frequency 
  • Duty cycle: 0-95% 
  • Universal 0-5V speed controller input. You don't have to use the potentiometer to control the speed. You can use PLC  
    output or an analog signal or PWM signal from uPC or RC receiver PWM signal. 
  • Regenerative braking (you can stop the motor and get back all the kinetic energy into the battery)
    For the highest safety, the regenerative braking never 
    substitutes the ordinary brake! 
  • Adjustable ramp speed. 0-20sec. (acceleration limit) 
  • Normal current continuous limit is adjustable between 0-200A 
  • Switchable peak current ON or normal strict current limit 
  • Peak current 300A for 5 seconds. 
  • Adjustable regenerative current. 
  • Universal supply voltage between 10-50V DC. 
  • Dimensions: 90 x 155 x 35 mm 
  • Note: For the maximum power you have to add the extra heat sink to the aluminum block. The aluminum block is predrilled with M4 holes. 
  • 350g 
Why choose this controller? 
On the eBay, there are many types of the controller the most piece is a Chinese or Portuguese simple and cheap controller. They are great until you put a large load on their output. 
-Those controllers don't have supply filtering what is very important! Without it, the most of the Chinese controller regularly burning down. 
-They haven't got proper freewheeled diode against the motor inductive current! 
-The most of them don't have any current limit function which is very important by a motor.
This unit is a limited current speed controller for any brushed DC motor with great LOW ESR capacitor supply filtering and asynchronous switching freewheel diodes!
How can you control the motor speed with this controller?
With the current limit potentiometer, you can very fine adjust the current what the motor can maximum consume.
For example, you have 2000W 24V DC motor. Your motor nominal current is 83A. Then you adjust the current limit to 80A.
After them, your motor and PWM driver is fully protected against the burning down and overload. Additional protection is the temperature protection. The controller measures the temperature of the heat sink. If that exceeds the maximum than the controller will shut down.
You can easily control the motor speed between 0-95% with the motor speed control potentiometer which is connected to the potentiometer terminal. Of course, if you have a throttle you can use it out if you have a special project and you want to control the unit with your PWM signal which comes from your uPC unit you also can do that. 

If you have any question special request or something, please feel free to contact, we are electrical engineers there isn't a problem that can't solve. We will see what can we do.
If you need more pieces please contact I can give you a discount! 

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200A CCPWM for HHO generator

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