HHO EFIE CCPWM DCP Start-Stop Temperature Sensor Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer Electronic Control Pulse Modulator

An Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer (EFIE HEC CHIP) Device is important and absolutely necessary for injector vehicles, to get the total fuel restore results you are looking for.

Since most of the cars today are equipped with an ECU (Board computer) and therefore different sensors to regulate the air/fuel ratio, you need to "help" the electronics when using HHO supplementary in your vehicle. 


This board capable to modify the following signals:

  • Dual Narrowband oxygen sensors; 
  • Dual Wideband oxygen sensors; 
  • Analogue 0-5V MAP sensor signal; 
  • IAT sensor; 
  • CTS sensor; 


  • Required supply voltage: 10-30V DC; 
  • Control knob: precise 20 turn potentiometer; 
  • Turning on delay time: 30 seconds turn on delay; 
  • Narrowband input voltage: 0 - 0.9V; 
  • Wideband input current: 0 - 3mA; 

What can HHO oxy-hydrogen generator kits with EFIE HEC CHIP PWM DCP All-In-One do for you?

- Keep engine carbon clean with more performance by up to 10% 
- Oxy-Hydrogen clean HHO gas producing renewable energy, rainbow steam with drinking water 
- Oxy-Hydrogen increase cleaning process in the combustion chamber and exhaust catalyst parts
- Produce oxygen and zero emissions to stop climate change
- Reducing air pollution which is dangerous for children health and CO2 by up to 90%!

After carbon cleaning process, you can get many benefits as is restoring the engine to factory condition with full power and fuel consumption by up to 30%, in some cases 40% or more! Use HHO KIT with EFIE HEC CHIP PWM DCP All-In-One to keep engine carbon clean constantly or for occasional restart HHO KIT by fill up water every 3000-5000 km to cleaning process!

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HHO Fuel Saver EFIE HEC CHIP PWM Scammers!

The Truth about HHO Fuel Saver with EFIE HEC CHIP PWM by Plus HHO UK Gibraltar France Portugal powered by a battery is a total thermodynamic fraud and enrichment for own profit!

Why can you not save fuel with HHO generator EFIE HEC CHIP PWM Plus HHO gas which is powered by fuel/engine/alternator to the battery?
Read more or watch a video with John Cadogan - Auto Expert on Thermodynamic Law and HHO fuel saver scammers - HERE!

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HHO EFIE for HHO generator

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